Mooi needs some new investors to stay open

Flickr photo via Pat/EatingLA

Daily Dish (LA Times online) tells us today that Mooi in Echo Park, which just opened up last May, may have run into some investment issues. Owner Stephen Hauptfuhr has told the online publication that he’s looking for some new investors, as the raw-vegan venture’s current ones are parting ways after November.

We recently reported that the restaurant had cut back its hours pretty severely, opening only once per week for a prix fixe multi-course dinner service and catering for the holidays. This week’s menu is a six-course Asian prix fixe dinner collaboration with LifeFood Organic on Wednesday, and later this month will host a special Thanksgiving meal on November 19.

But after this month, the restaurant could close for good if it doesn’t find some new source of cash.

Keep an eye out on Mooi’s Facebook page, or email stephen@mooifood.com with questions or for reservations.

5 replies
  1. jakey says:

    let me see if i can figure out their business plan:

    we’re not getting enough customers, ergo not getting enough profits to remain open… let’s cut back to being open once a week, that should really help.

  2. Dan Dangereaux says:

    They lost me at “welcome! now walk up these side stairs and then around and down these interior stairs, instead of through this door right at the corner.”

  3. Wally George says:

    They lost me at ‘We’re opening a fancy, pricey Vegan restaurant across the street from the Oaxacan food cart woman.’

  4. Chardym says:

    I’m sure the people behind Mooi are lovely and everything. But to me it is: unappealing food, zero menu options, expensive, even more unappealing hours (seriously, NEVER open) — gorgeous spot though. Please someone out there get this space and open something good for the neighborhood! If it is good people will find their way inside, trust me.

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